Welcome to Playgroup De Mus

De Mus (“the sparrow” in dutch) is a small scale kindergarten or playgroup in Amsterdam Oost, located in the Van Musschenbroekstraat (close to Weesperplein and Oosterpark). De Mus has space for up to 10 children aged 2 to 4 that typically enroll from two to five mornings a week. Our qualified professionals and volunteers offer loving care for the children. De Mus is managed by a non-profit foundation (“stichting” in dutch) led by the parents of the children enrolled in the school aided by an active constituency of other involved parents and volunteers.

At De Mus we encourage children to play with their peers in a colorful and safe environment. This prepares the children for primary school. We have a nice indoor space and a large sheltered playground with lots of greenery, a sandbox, swings, a slide and many types of go-karts, scooters and bicycles.

Although the language spoken with the children at De Mus is dutch, we usually have several children (and parents!) from non-dutch speaking or multi-lingual backgrounds.

The costs for this type of childcare are set by the government and are currently € 10,24 per hour. Depending on your personal situation, a childcare rebate may be obtained from the government.

Some pictures of the school can be found here. The above links Algemeen, Werkwijze and Beleid give for more detailed information about the school, its activities and policies. The text is in dutch but we will be more than happy to provide you with a summary in english if you like.

To schedule a viewing or ask any questions you may have about De Mus or possible enrollment, please contact us!